Chimpanzee trekking in Uganda for 2019 is an amazing and memorable experience during your vacation in Uganda. Ngamba Island will offer you an exclusive chimpanzee experience in Uganda. Chimpanzee trekking in Uganda for 2019 is one of the destinations you can’t miss going to on a Ugandan safari. In the video, you will learn how Ngamba Island can be accessed by using water transportation and Air transport.

I participated in the feeding of the chimpanzee , the menu had jackfruit, papaya, watermelon, potatoes, egg plants. Food is thrown at a further distance so that most of the 49 individuals are feed.

Apart from the Chimpanzee Ngamba island is a natures island with different wildlife. Bird watching is hustle free-as almost every corner of the island is dotted with birds of different varieties, interest and colour. below are some of the birds I loved out of the 15o bird species at Ngamba Island.

Egyptian goose have bright stunning plumage and dark chocolate-brown eye patches, only a fool could doubt that they looked beautiful too even when crying. At one point they would swim towards a particular direction only make a sudden U-turn before taking a thirty seconds flight over to the shores.

Wire tailed swallow is a small passerine bird with shiny blue above and white below with a neat chestnut cap. It is adored for the long thin wires of its white spotted tailed plumage.

Other birds were the Spur-winged Lapwing, African Grey Parrot, Woodpecker, comrades, cattle egletes, weave birds, ring swore and the ducks

Other wild life encounters at Ngamba are with the nile monitor lizard, Spotted otter and Spiders

Activities at Ngamba Island

  1. Chimpanzee Viewing, feeding and trekking,
    2. Birdwatching, Ngamba Ecolodge,
    3. Lake Victoria cruises,
    4. Volunteering,
    5. Borne fires,
    6. Studer summer camp,
    7. community cultural experience

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Spice Tours in Zanzibar

Odours have a power of persuasion stronger than that of words that’s why a spice tour in Zanzibar is a must for everyone. This island is off the coast of Tanzania and nicknamed as the spice island a name that dates back from when it was the largest producer of cloves in the world. Spice tour in Zanzibar is almost four hours guided walk through Tangawizi spice farm.

You will see various fruits like jackfruit, breadfruit, pineapples, passion fruit, durian, Aloe Vera, bananas, coconuts and henna bushes. You will see a wide range of aromatic plants like cinnamon, cardamom, pepper, nutmeg, ginger, lemongrass, saffron and clove – the signature spice of Zanzibar. Below are the must see spice trees during your tour at the spice farm


This the empress of all spices since the whole tree is used to serve different purposes from the leaves, seeds, roots and the bark. When cut, its bark curls itself into rolls as it dries, and possibly the most wondrous property it has is that it can cure a cold by simply sniffing on it. This spice can also cure digestive and breathing problems besides lending a lovely aroma to food.

Cinnamon bark, powder and fruits

Bixa orellana

This a small tree, whose seeds from the fruit were originally used to make red body paint and lipstick. For this reason, the achiote is sometimes called the lipstick tree. Our guide said that it is still used for that purpose today, however more commonly now, the ground seeds are used in traditional dishes in South and Central America, the Caribbean, and Mexico.

Fruits of the lipstick tree

Lemon grass

This another familiar plant you will see on your spice tour of Zanzibar, along with the starfruit and its cousin, the carambola that is actually a vegetable rather than a fruit. In case you did not know, the cardamom tree grows pods both above and below the ground. What’s more, there are both male and female trees with only the females producing seed pods.

lemon grass plant

As you get distracted by the sight of the avian life, your Experience Africa Adventure guide will direct your attention to the ginger plant. Learn of its decongestant, blood circulatory and aphrodisiacal properties as you view another root that is similar in appearance, the turmeric. Not only does it lend that lovely yellow color to curries and gravies but it acts as a healing agent. And can cure acne and yellow fever.

Spice tour in Zanzibar

Discover a natural sun tanning lotion on your trip in Africa Experience Africa Adventure can also remedy wounds. It is the miraculous iodine plant whose sap is applied on cuts and scratches to heal them quickly.


I tasted the fruit and all I wanted…, however, our guide told me that its distinctive property of hallucinogenic and aphrodisiac effects that favour romance. If you see vervet monkeys chattering excitedly, you will know they have found their favourite fruit.


It was really informative and interesting to learn about how each spice grows, is harvested and later used. In addition, everything you will see on spice tour on Zanzibar you will have a chance to taste or smell! Then we were served the Swahili meal.

Swahili food mixed with all the spices of Zanzibar

The spice tour in Zanzibar with Experience Africa Adventure ends with a performance, coconut drink and free goodies from the community which may either be a hat, necklace or ring made from palm leaves.

Gifts at the spices farms made out of palm leaves

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7 Best Things to do while at Lake Mburo National Park

This is one of the incredible active parks of Uganda and you don’t want to miss the MUST 7 things to do while in Lake Mburo National Park. It’s one of the strategically located parks close to the highway that connects Kampala to all the other parks of western Uganda. Lake Mburo contains an extensive area of wetland and harbors several species of mammals not found anywhere else in Uganda.

Spending just a couple of days in Lake Mburo National Park will allow you to see all of the major and most popular sights but if you are here for a week, you will be able to visit some more obscure, but equally fascinating attractions. Let’s have a look at the 7 best things to do in Lake Mburo National park:

Game drives

This remains the highlight activity for this park even at the highway you start seeing different wildlife like Zebras, impalas. Deeper in the park you will see elephant, buffalo, hippo, Elands. Don’t miss out the leopard and hyenas on a night time game drives at $20 and day game drives at $20.

Story time

Once upon a time there were two brothers Mburo and Kigarama. One night Kigarama had  a dream. In the dream the valley flooded and people  in it drowned.  He urged his brother Mburo to move to the surrounding hills. Mburo refused but Kigarama moved, eventually the rains came and the valley flooded. His brother mburo drowned and formed Lake Mburo and his brother was named after the escarpment.

Nature walks

These walks require s guided tours at $30 per person. This involves four trails that’s lakeside: go through a natural salt lick where different wildlife and birds gather. Providing tourists an opportunity to get to the shores of Lake mburo on foot. Birds like double toothed and red-faced barbets, African finfoot, yellow rumped tinker bird, Ross turaco. You can either take the Rubanga trail, Rwonyo trail or Kigarama hill trail

Boat rides

Relax on a boat cruise on Lake Mburo and view the magificient flora and funa it has to offer. Get a chance to see hippo, crocodile  and varsity numbers of bird spieces like the African finfoot, rare shoebill stork at a cost of $15, African fish eagle, Pelicans and Hammer Kobs.

Sport fishing

Lake Mburo is edowed with 6 fish species like cat fish, lung fish, tiger fish, Angara fish, barbell and the most commonly caught fish the Tailapia. Mazinga is the most common hub for fish and most tourist safaris are done here.

Mountain bike

Done inside or outside of the park giving you an array of wildlife to see and monitor .activity is half or full day with an armed guide taken along for safety.

Horse back

This is a unque activity where you view wildlife while horse riding and it’s only at Lake Mburo that you get this opportunity.

Culture Experience

The Ankole cultural community tourism group is responsible taking the tourist through the milking procedures, preservations   and making of ghee, making hand crafts. They are also conduct guided villages walks and they also conserving by planting trees.


“Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.” – Anthony Bourdain