7 Best Things to do while at Lake Mburo National Park

This is one of the incredible active parks of Uganda and you don’t want to miss the MUST 7 things to do while in Lake Mburo National Park. It’s one of the strategically located parks close to the highway that connects Kampala to all the other parks of western Uganda. Lake Mburo contains an extensive area of wetland and harbors several species of mammals not found anywhere else in Uganda.

Spending just a couple of days in Lake Mburo National Park will allow you to see all of the major and most popular sights but if you are here for a week, you will be able to visit some more obscure, but equally fascinating attractions. Let’s have a look at the 7 best things to do in Lake Mburo National park:

Game drives

This remains the highlight activity for this park even at the highway you start seeing different wildlife like Zebras, impalas. Deeper in the park you will see elephant, buffalo, hippo, Elands. Don’t miss out the leopard and hyenas on a night time game drives at $20 and day game drives at $20.

Story time

Once upon a time there were two brothers Mburo and Kigarama. One night Kigarama had  a dream. In the dream the valley flooded and people  in it drowned.  He urged his brother Mburo to move to the surrounding hills. Mburo refused but Kigarama moved, eventually the rains came and the valley flooded. His brother mburo drowned and formed Lake Mburo and his brother was named after the escarpment.

Nature walks

These walks require s guided tours at $30 per person. This involves four trails that’s lakeside: go through a natural salt lick where different wildlife and birds gather. Providing tourists an opportunity to get to the shores of Lake mburo on foot. Birds like double toothed and red-faced barbets, African finfoot, yellow rumped tinker bird, Ross turaco. You can either take the Rubanga trail, Rwonyo trail or Kigarama hill trail

Boat rides

Relax on a boat cruise on Lake Mburo and view the magificient flora and funa it has to offer. Get a chance to see hippo, crocodile  and varsity numbers of bird spieces like the African finfoot, rare shoebill stork at a cost of $15, African fish eagle, Pelicans and Hammer Kobs.

Sport fishing

Lake Mburo is edowed with 6 fish species like cat fish, lung fish, tiger fish, Angara fish, barbell and the most commonly caught fish the Tailapia. Mazinga is the most common hub for fish and most tourist safaris are done here.

Mountain bike

Done inside or outside of the park giving you an array of wildlife to see and monitor .activity is half or full day with an armed guide taken along for safety.

Horse back

This is a unque activity where you view wildlife while horse riding and it’s only at Lake Mburo that you get this opportunity.

Culture Experience

The Ankole cultural community tourism group is responsible taking the tourist through the milking procedures, preservations   and making of ghee, making hand crafts. They are also conduct guided villages walks and they also conserving by planting trees.


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